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Gunpowder River Rods

 Fine Hand-crafted Bamboo Fly Rods 

Our Rods

Gunpowder River Rods is a Maryland-based manufacturer of bamboo fly rods. Based on classic rod tapers developed by master craftsmen over decades of design, trial, and adjustments, our rods are made for sport fly fishermen (and women) who appreciate the nuances and special characteristics of bamboo. For the serious fly fisherman, there is nothing like the experience of fishing bamboo, the tight loop, the lively feel and the rod sensitivity is simply not achievable with modern graphite rods. 

We offer rods that are made for the fishing conditions found in trout streams in the Mid-Atlantic area, generally small streams and rivers with limited overhead space and banks. Rods are available direct from us or at select fly shops in the area. We make hexagonal rods in 2 and 3 piece configurations, in sizes from 7 to 8.5 feet in length, for line weights from 3 to 6. Currently, we do not make salmon or spey rods, nor do we make rods for saltwater use. Possibly in the future, we will develop a capacity for these rods, but for now, we make trout rods for freshwater environments, in common lengths and weights.


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